Cosmology, guts, strings, and the Pentagon. Sean Echols

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Cosmology, guts, strings, and the Pentagon.  by  Sean Echols

Cosmology, guts, strings, and the Pentagon. by Sean Echols
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The Pentagon Model is an explicit supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model, which involves a new strongly-interacting SU(5) gauge theory at TeV-scale energies. We explore extensions of the Pentagon model in the contexts of cosmology, grand unified theory, and string theory: (i) We present a new mechanism for baryogenesis, which links the baryon asymmetry of the universe to the dark matter density.

(ii) We show that the Pentagon can be embedded into an SU(5) x SU(5) x SU(5) gauge group at the GUT scale. The doublet-triplet splitting problem, and proton decay compatible with experimental bounds, can be successfully addressed in this context. (iii) We discuss embeddings into string theory, specifically N = 1 supersymmetric type IIa intersecting D-brane models, M-theory compactifications of G2 holonomy, and heterotic orbifold constructions.

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