We are giving professional services from last 20 years


GSF expertise in industrial coating services to give the structure long life and away with all corrosion and damage related criteria. Painting or industrial coating has hence proven to be an unavoidable requirement to expand the life span of the structure.

Epoxies, Ethylene, Teflon, High temperature paints, Chemical & Heat resistant paints, and other floor polymer coating, floor elastomer coating and road marking application are the widely used key coating products. We ensure better efficiency coupled with expert advice in every step of the service to avoid damage and further expenditure. We take up variety of industrial coating projects for both industrial and commercial sectors.

The durable, reliable and cost effective industrial coating services meet the various functional needs of the clients such as:

• Protecting against rust, oxidation and corrosion

• Minimizing friction

• Protection from Chemicals

• Easing assembly and disassembly

• Simplifying cleanup and providing non-stick properties