We are giving professional services from last 20 years


Fast track project completion is our aim and we ensure that the client gets what they want. We help build structures for buildings, bridges, roads, jetties, parks, landscaping, etc. Our keen eyes leave no room for mistakes in this process.

Detailed planning and execution help avoid possible future disasters including structural overruns, cost overruns, litigations, etc. Thus every project is carried out with impeccable consideration to design, finance, estimations and legal considerations

The range of work provided by Al Shamasi includes:

1. Construction

• Foundation for equipment facilities

• Buildings

• Drainage

• Sewage system

• Pavements

2. Maintenance and Repair works

• Heavy equipment, oil tank, water tank & tank foundations

• Tank dislodging & cleaning

• Painting and sand blasting of gas, oil & water tanks

• Drainage system

• Building

• Roads

• Sewage system